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The Prince of Tennis (2006)
Genre Action
Actor , , ,
Country Japan
Quality SD
6.3 /10 from 9547 users
Release 10 Aug 2018


Twelve year old Ryoma Echizen is the tennis prodigy from America who has the personal history of winning 4 successive victories at the American Junior Tennis tournaments. His father, Nanjiroh Echizen, a tennis player of legendary status, recalls Ryoma back to Japan to attend the distinguished school of Seishun Academy Middle School. Ryoma, a first year, has his eyes set on being on the regulars team of the tennis club, which the school is famous for. The members of the Seigaku regulars team include Kunimitsu Tezuka, the captain of the tennis club, whose ranking is that on the National’s level. The vice-captain, Syuichirou Oishi, who has a calm and rational sense of playing sense, compliments the acrobatic plays of his double’s partner, Eiji Kikumaru; making them the Golden Pair. Third year, Shusuke Fuji, a formidable player, is known for his tactical skill on the tennis courts. Then there’s Sadaharu Inui, whose tennis style relies on what he calls, “data tennis” and Takashi Kawamura whose personality instantly changes when he grabs his tennis racket. While second years Takeshi Momoshiro, known for his power plays and Kaoru Kaido, whose perseverance is daunting, round off the Seigaku regulars team. Ryoma arrives in time for the monthly campus ranking tournament, but at first, due to his young age and his cool attitude, some club members do not take him seriously; however, during the ranking tournament, Ryoma is quick to prove his skill and become the only first year on the regulars team, just in time for the regional preliminary rounds. Then, there’s the lone girl who watches Ryoma from the audience. Her name is Shioin Higaki, whose parents had died in accident. She is mute due to traumatic shock of her past. She first meets Ryoma when he helps her on the train from loud group of High School boys. While in a crucial match against Fudomine Middle School during the regionals, Ryoma injures his eye by accident, but his determination to finish the match helps bring victory to Seigaku as they can advance to the Kanto conference as regional champions.
Yûichi Abe
Hiroki Aiba, Hiroki Suzuki, Kanata Hongô, Yû Shirota
10 Aug 2018 (Japan)


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