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GenreComedy, Drama, RomanceActorChen-tung Ko, Michelle Chen, Shao-Wen Hao, Owodog, Emerson Tsai
DirectorGiddens KoCountryTaiwan
7.7 /10 from 5,718 users
Release19 August 2011Duration


A group of close friends who attend a private school, and they all have a debilitating crush on the sunny star pupil, Shen Jiayi. The only member of the group who claims not to is Ke Jingteng, but he ends up love her as well.

Giddens Ko,
Angie Chai, Hans Deng, Henry Fang, Molly Fang, Min-Tsen Hsieh, Heng-Yi Lin, Yeh-Ta Tsai, Adam Tsuei, Szu-Mei Tung
19 August 2011 (Taiwan)